is a collective financing of projects.
When a lot of people support
the idea or project receiving
a reward from creators for it.

How crowdfunding works

We create RazomGO so that you would be able to fulfill your dream and make a project which you believe in. No matter what sex or skin color is. Of course there are people who believe the same way and they will surely support you!


What you can implement with crowdfunding:

Creative projects
Shoot a movie
Record musical albums
Publish books
Profit-making projects
Produce innovative products
Open heartily cafes
Make interesting events
Social projects
Work out educational programs
Eco projects

How crowdfunding works on the musical group example.

1. Choose
an idea of a project
You want to release your album.
But you dont have enough money and you
are ready to risk with bank loans.
2. Acquaint with
the platform RAZOMGO
You are registering at RazomGo platform.
We supply you with materials for preparation
and help with creating your projects
3. Preparing a project
for placement
You are choosing the name with our help
print in text and recording a video. Choose
duration of the project
4. Tell
fans about the album
Tell friends and fans in
social networks through telephone and during
concerts about your crowdfunding project
5. People support
your project
People love your band and
they support your project with joy
6. Implement project
and give rewards
You had received funds and with it
you record your album. Send it
to those fans who supported you as a reward

What valuable we have
for the creator of the project

01. Technical platform
Opportunity to place
project and receive a payment
02. Educating to crowdfund
Check lists and step by step instructions
how to launch a project
03. Support of administrator
Socially educated human-friend
will suggest and help to make it good
We attract like-minded people who work
and support great projects in Ukraine

What next?

I want to support
great projects
I have
great project